.NET Price Increase

Please note that due to a price increase mandated by Verisign, the company that manages the .NET TLD, the price for domains ending in .NET will be increasing effective Feb 1, 2014. The increase will add $0.75 per year to the registration fees. There's still time to register for up to 10 years at today's price, though! Get in while you ... Read More »

10th Jan 2014

Over the coming months we are going to begin implementing DNSSEC support for a few TLDs. Domains ending with: .com .me .net .org .in will be affected with more to come in the future as more TLDs adopt the standard. What is DNSSEC? Probably the best people to explain what DNSSEC is are some of the people implementing the standard - ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2014