Domain Registration Issues

Some common issues you may come across when registering or transferring domains are listed below. Specific top level domains that are susceptible to these issues are enclosed in parenthesis. While this list is not all encompassing, it will be updated as other issues present themselves. If you have an issue not listed here, please open a ticket from your billing profile and we will get to the bottom of the issue.

  1. Incorrect or Invalid Contact Details (.ca domains)
  2. Incorrect Expiry Dates (newly registered or transferred in domains)
  3. Domain Not Found (domains recently transferred out)

Incorrect or Invalid Contact Details

.ca domains are very susceptible to this issue. I have personally run into this many times and it can sometimes be baffling to try and fix. If you are registering as a Trade Union, Corporation, etc, please note that your Technical and Administrative Contacts must be an individual. Some examples are below. For the purposes of names, Permanent Resident is the same as Canadian Citizen. The type does not show up in a WHOIS search, but it is required to be correct. Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens are eligible for WHOIS protection as part of the registrant agreement, whereas other types of registrants are not. There is no charge for this service as it is provided by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

TypeValid NameInvalid Name
Corporation 123745 Canada Inc. Smiths Consulting
Canadian Citizen John Smith o/a Smith Consulting Smith Consulting
Canadian Citizen John Smith J. Smith

If you are still unsure, please ask prior to placing your order. We'd hate for the CIRA to cancel your domain because of a mix-up. Also, please note that there is a 60 day freeze on any changes to registrant information and on registrations. Once you register or change the registrant contact information, the domain cannot be transferred or the information changed for a 60 day period. This is part of your registration agreement with the CIRA and not our limitation. We cannot override this.

Incorrect Expiry Dates

Newly registered, transferred or renewed domains may show the incorrect expiry date for up to 24 hours after completion of your order. If after 24 hours, your domain has not properly updated to what you believe is the correct date, please submit a ticket and we will gladly look into the issue and respond.

Domain Not Found

If you need to transfer your domains away from us *sniff* :'-( *sniff* your domain may show active in your account for up to 7 days after your transfer has been completed. Our system automatically checks domains on a regular basis to ensure they're still linked to your account. If you feel that a domain is incorrectly still showing as active, please submit a ticket and we'd be happy to fix it for you.

... And of course we'll miss you! You're welcome back, anytime!

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