If you're in need of a site or need to modify an existing site, but don't have the time or experience to create it, Eh+ Web Services can help. Sites can be built based on either Wolf CMS or Joomla! CMS. Whether you are in need of a Blog, an E-Commerce presence or just a place to list your contact details, contact us to see what we can do for you! Rates are competitive, based on the complexity and urgency of the project. We can also work out a single price based on the expected number of pages.

For best results, we recommend you consider the following:

  • What colours would you like to use?
    • Do you have colours associated with your company?
    • Are there colours you would like to associate with your site?
  • What general layout would you like?
    • Would you like a horizontal or vertical menu?
    • Would you like the menu to drop down?
    • Should the menu stay on the screen at all times or scroll with it?
    • Are you planning on incorporating any sort of advertisements? Placement?
  • What browsers are important for you to support? According to StatCounter.com as of Feb 2013:
    • 37.09% of users are using Chrome.
    • 29.82% of users are using Internet Explorer.
      • 56.57% use Internet Explorer 9.0
      • 36.08% use Internet Explorer 8.0
      • 2.28% use Internet Explorer 7.0
      • 1.01% use Internet Explorer 6.0
    • 21.34% of users are using Firefox.
      • 95.45% use Firefox 5+
      • 2.48% use Firefox 3.6
    • 8.6% of users are using Safari.
    • 1.22% of users are using Opera.
  • Do you need to support Mobile browsers? According to StatCounter.com as of Feb 2013:
    • 85.65% of users are accessing the internet from a laptop or desktop computer.
    • 14.35% of users are accessing the internet from a smartphone.
    • Increasingly, a number of users are using tablets to access the internet.
  • Do you have accessibility requirements?
    • Are many of your users going to be using screen readers for sight impairments?
    • Is high contrast or large type, or the ability to change contrast and or type size important?

With the majority of people using modern browsers (IE 8+, Firefox 5+, Chrome, Opera and Safari) it may not be important to support older browsers such as IE6. IE6 didn't comply with a lot of the newer HTML and CSS standards and, as such, can be a difficult browser to ensure flawless operation of your site. Accordingly, if you must ensure operation on IE6, additional charges will be incurred.

To discuss a site plan, please contact our Sales Department. Be sure to include what you'd like to see. If you've sketched a layout on a piece of paper and can scan it, send it as an attachment. We accept .pdf, .png, .gif, and .jpg files.

Please note that in order to begin construction of your site, a minimum deposit of 20% of a set price or 4 hours of an hourly price, must be paid up front. The remainder is due upon completion but prior to transfer of the files to your possession. If you'd like us to install the files for you, a $25 installation fee will apply.